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Private Tutorials

Everyone is busy, and the Gunsite Class Schedule may not fit your personal schedule. Others may prefer a one-on-one, student-to-instructor ratio, or may seek to acquire skills not offered elsewhere in our curriculum. If this describes you, our private tutorials are the answer. Our staff will provide personalized attention to you or your group, and a dedicated portion of our facilities for your use. Extremely rewarding, these private classes help busy professionals acquire the skills they require, in a format tailored specifically for them. All tutorial classes are with prior appointments only.

Cost: Contact the Training Coordinator for pricing and availability.

Alumni Refresher

This class is designed for prior 250 and 223 students who want to have a pistol and carbine tune-up, all in one week. The class has 2 days of pistol, 3 days of carbine and includes tactical live-fire simulators and a night shoot.

Cost: $1,428

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisite: 250 & 223

Ammunition: 600 rounds ball pistol, 50 rounds frangible , 900 rounds carbine ball, 60 rounds frangible

Course Dates: September 27-October 1, 2010

A Range Day

This 8 hour day gives any gunsite graduate a full day of training on the square range with instructors. Because we know firearms is a perishable skill and practice is needed to retain what you have learned in your Gunsite class, whether it be the CCW class or Advanced pistol, we have made this 8 hour day of training available.

Cost: $125

Duration: 1 Days

Prerequisite: CCW and above

Ammunition: 300 rounds ball pistol

Course Dates: June 21, August 16, October 18

Automatic Weapons

This 2-day course offers a history and development of the machine gun, assault rifle and SMG. We will explain the NFA, what items are covered and provide a guide to private ownership. The following guns will be available for live fire by all participants: Vickers MkI, Browning 1919A4, MG 42, Kalashnikov PKM, Degtaryev RPD, Kalashnikov AK-47, Galil SAR, Kalashnikov AK74-SU, Colt M-16, Steyr AUG, Auto Ordnance TSMG 1928A1, Auto Ordnance, TSMG M1A1, Enfield STEn, Carl Gustav M-45, Sterling MkIV, IMI UZI, IMI Mini UZI, Colt 635,

Cost: $1850

Duration:2 Days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition and Weapons: Provided

Course Dates: October 12-13, 2008

Course Location: Gunsite Academy, Inc., Paulden, Arizona.


Federal Firearms Instructor Development

All federal agencies are invited to this instructor development class (non-law-enforcement trainers), which will focus on weapons teaching skills needed to improve their programs. Areas covered include: range management, coaching skills, problem defining in students, target selection/types, developing range/practical exercises, types of qualification, and establishing skill levels. The class is restricted to handguns and long guns. For more information on the class contact the instructor.

Firearms: One of the following: Shotgun, Lever Action rifle or Bolt Action rifle, sling and ammo management device and one handgun of choice.

Ammunition: Call for ammo information. Knee and elbow pads, eye and ear protection, as well as comfortable range clothing for the high desert of Arizona in March (spring time weather ranges between 32 to 75 degrees with possible rain or snow).

Cost: $1466

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: Handgun: 250 rounds Long-gun: 300 rounds (100+ rounds per gun if more than one is to be used.)

Foreign Weapons

Foreign Weapons is a course designed for military and civilian personnel with a need to understand, or teach the application of weapons most often employed by forces outside the United States. The weapons include the AK-47 rifle, Glock pistol, PKM machine gun, RPK, RPD, Krinkov, SVD rifle, RPG and the Makarov pistol. All weapons, ammunition and equipment are included.

Cost: Call the Operations Manager for pricing.

Duration: Dependent on client.

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: Provided

Gunsite Alumni Shoot MMX

The Gunsite Alumni Shoot is a shooting match held every year in the fall for graduates of a 3 day class or more. It is "A Social Event only Slightly Interrupted by Gunfire". Stages are set in simulators and on square ranges with scenarios similar to actual pistol class problems. Our instructors volunteer their time and provides a huge learning experience for everyone. We serve a great lunch and barbecue dinner included in the price of the match. There is a great party after the match with goody bags from Gunsite vendors and awards for the top three shooters, junior and senior. The middle shooter wins the Gunsite Service Pistol.

Cost: $165

Duration: 1 day (Saturday October 2, 2010)

Prerequisite:2 day class or greater

Ammunition: Approximately 200 rounds

Contact the Training Coordinator for more details.

"NEW" Emergency Medical Preparedness

This class will prepare you to handle medical emergencies most commonly encountered on the range, at home or in a time of natural disaster. It also includes fighting to, protecting and evacuating someone under fire. Classroom and range sessions will lead to participation in realistic medical emergency scenarios. Tuition includes a tactical medicine kit.

Cost: $1131

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 600 rounds pistol,50 rounds frangible

Urban Combat

Urban Combat is Gunsite’s most intensive course, intended for graduates of 250 and 223. Designed with the resurgence of small arms combat in worldwide hot spots in mind, it will refresh and refine existing skills with pistol and carbine Created to enhance small arms and tactics skills, it emphasizes the quick use of the pistol as both a primary and backup weapon in the 0 to 25 yard envelope and the 5.56 or 7.62 x 39mm carbine in the 0 to 100 yard envelope. Current experience has found that most small arms engagements occur within those distances. Urban Combat contains a half-day familiarization with a Gunsite-supplied AKM carbine; in addition, the class will also cover familiarization with the Makarov pistol, the SVD (Dragunov)/PSL sniper rifle, and the MP-5 submachine gun. A briefing on the operation and capabilities of the often-encountered RPG-7 will also be included. All of these weapons can be found worldwide, and a basic understanding of the common small arms of the opposition is essential to survival. Threats from weapons other than small arms are also covered. Subject matter experts will present an Introduction to Explosive Devices and Improvised Explosive Devices. Vehicle counter-ambush techniques and individual tactics will also be covered. The course will include 2 night shoots and extensive live-fire indoor and outdoor simulators. Urban Combat will cover these subjects with the knowledge, expertise, and depth of training that only Gunsite can provide.

Cost: $1795

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: 250 and 223

Ammunition: 1100 rds. pistol, 1000 rds. carbine ball, 100 rds. carbine frang, 300 rds. 7.62X39 ball
50 rds. 9MM (we supply 25 rds. 9X18 and 30 rds. 7.62X54R)

Submachine Gun

Gunsite SMG is an in-depth study of the tactical submachine gun.  The history and development of SMGs and their various forms are addressed in detail.  The SMG course allows the student to explore the tactical viability and the performance envelope for these weapons under both indoor and outdoor conditions.  “Loaner” SMGs are available to simplify Class III travel restrictions.  2 days square range, 3 days tactical simulators.

Cost: $1542

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: none

Ammunition: 2,000 rounds smg, 500 rounds frangible smg, 300 rounds pistol, 50 rounds frangible pistol

Specimen Collection Instructor Development

Originally created for government biologists, this course focuses on the use of firearms in the dispatch of animals, and in the collection of other samples and specimens for research purposes. For 2008, aerial (avian) collection will be a special emphasis; the course will also address the use of rifles for other specimens. This course does not address the instruction of firearms use for defense or law enforcement.

As an instructor development course emphasis will be on training techniques and knowledge, both in the classroom and on the range. Participants must be government certified firearms instructors.

Cost: Call the Training Coordinator for pricing

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 200 rounds Birdshot ; 200 rounds Rifle

Rapid Entry Systems Technology (REST)

"Explosive Entry Techniques"
We offer the following courses to Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations Units:

"Special Entry Technicians/Breacher Course"
An intense five day, "hands-on" training package. Attendees must have received formal demolitions training or attended the 2-day "Explosive Handlers" course.

"Explosive Handlers and Special Entry Course"
An in-depth "7 day" hands-on training package. Designed for officers who do not have formal demolitions experience.

REST has been in business since 1993. Eight of the departments we trained have conducted over 50 operational, high-risk entries with extreme success and no officer injuries. This is not a course in "tactics". Each student will select, build and safely employ a minimum of ten breaching charges. Students are also familiarized with mechanical and shotgun breaching techniques.

To schedule contact: Rus Hart: (928) 329-7555